Capriana Vinyl with MicroShield

Product Description

Capriana vinyl pairs contemporary colours and texture along with a modern and durable construction that is pliable to work with. Designed and crafted as one of the best in class for the commercial vinyl industry to meet the standards of artistry, craftsmanship while providing long term comfort and performance. As a marine vinyl with MicroShield, it is mildew and bacteria resistant, UV stabilized, and designed for use in the elements. Capriana can be heat-sealed for water-tight seams, and offers superior stretch for wrapping around corners and curves.

MicroShield - A protective barrier on the vinyl providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties including resistance to pink staining. This barrier increases the wear, durability and lifetime of the vinyl.

• 3 Year Warranty.
• UV Resistant
• Highly Resistant to surface Abrasion passes 50,000 rubs on Wyzenbeek Cotton Duck #10.
• Flame retardant meets Cal Tech 117 Section E.
• Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial including Pink Stain (ASTM E1428).
• Oil Resistant
• Cold Crack -23°C
• Regular maintenance is highly recommended.
• Clean weekly with chemically neutral soap and water. Wipe dry.
• Roll length 27.4 metres

Sold Per/Meter

Colour swatches available on request

    Product Code: NSS008

    Brand: Nevis

    Satin Grey NCF610
    Canvas NCF607
    Deep Water NCF616
    Royal Blue NCF625
    Commodore Blue NCF626
    Holly Leaf NCF631
    Plum NCF637
    Bright Sun NCF638
    Orange Peel NCF640
    Sandy Beach NCF648
    Quartz NCF650
    Corsair Gold NCF653
    Aurora Lights NCF654
    Yamaha Stone Beige NCF657
    Ez-Go Stone Beige NCF658
    Grey NCF801
    Snow Storm NCF802
    Ultra White NCF804
    Burgundy NCH521
    Tortola White NCH504
    Super White NCH500
    Midnight NCH517
    Sea Mist NCH511
    Admiral Blue NCH524
    Signal Blue NCH527
    Lime NCH533
    Jewel Green NCH530
    Blush Purple NCH536
    Clam Shell NCH544
    Mahogany NCH542
    Orange Glow NCH541
    Desert NCH549
    Lagoon NCH553
    Red Devil NCH519
    Red Sea NCL700
    Tempest Black NCL702
    Barrier Island NCL703
    Coastal Fog NCL704
    Ocean Night NCF615
    Ocean Blue NCF629
    Jet Black NCF652
    Sample Swatch NSS008