Levante Vinyl with Prefixx

Product Description

Levanté is a unique combination of leather texture with suppleness and long wearing fabric construction.

• Flame retardant
• Two year warranty
• UV stabilised / Indoor Use Only
• Highly resistant to surface abrasion

• Anti-stain and anti-static slip finish
• Mildew resistant backing and face
• Superior disinfectant resistant
• Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection
• Urine stain resistant
• Oil stain resistant
• Sulfide stain resistant
• 1370mm wide
• Roll length 45.7 metres or 30 meters

Sold Per/Meter

Colour swatches available on request

    Putty NOVA7996
    Chocolate NOVA7956
    Mushroom NOVA7963
    Black NOVA7951
    Teal NOVA7968
    Flint Grey NOVA7958
    Gray NOVA7998
    Burnt Rose NOVA7954
    Buff NOVA7952
    Hunter Green NOVA7960
    Storm Gray NOVA7994
    Burgundy NOVA7953
    Cinder Gray NOVA7992
    Soft White NOVA7967
    Agate Blue NOVA7950
    Tasman NOVA8006
    Marble Green NOVA8008
    Mystic White NOVA8002
    Sandsurf NOVA8004
    Latte NOVA8000
    Sample Swatch NSS016