WaveRider Vinyl

Product Description

WaveRider vinyl is an extremely hard wearing vinyl with wonderful durability throughout all the seasons. This vinyl is Anti-Fungal and UV resistant in order to resist everything nature has to offer. Making it excellent for boat upholstery, as well as any other heavy-duty outdoor upholstery.

• 3 Year UV Resistant Warranty.
• Highly Resistant to surface Abrasion
• Anti-Fungal
• 137cm Wide
• Regular maintenance is highly recommended.
• Clean with chemically neutral soap and water. Wipe dry.

Sold per meter

Colour swatches available on request

    Product Code: NSS036

    Brand: Nevis

    Mid Grey NWR006
    Navy Blue NWR008
    Dark Greem NWR010
    Fawn NWR012
    Black Rodger NWR002
    Sample Swatch NSS036
    Dark Grey NWR004